Here is a little information about how Designer Wax works!
*Updated: January 5th, 2020
1. What is Designer Wax?
Designer Wax is a home fragrance vendor in the form of wax. We offer different scents and shapes.
2. How Often do you restock?
Currently, we are restocking 1 Friday a month, but also offer customs and pre-orders in between.
3. Where do you ship and how?
We offer US shipping and international! We ship via USPS Priority and Regional A/B mail for US and we ship the most cost effective method we can find for the customer for international orders. Your package may come in a box or envelope depending on the size of your order.
4. How much is shipping?
$10.00 flat rate for US orders. International orders are invoiced separately after they order for their total shipping cost. This will vary by the way we ship it and the size of the order. We ask international customers to please pay their shipping invoice promptly so we can get your product to you!
5. Do you combine orders?
No, not at this time.
6. What is the cancellation policy?
There is a no refund, no cancellation policy based on the nature of the product.
7. How long should I cure?
We suggest 2 weeks curing time on our wax.
8. What type of wax do you use?
We use a para soy blend of wax!
9. Is there a closed group?
11. What is your turn around time?
We are an RTS and preorder vendor. Everything listed on the website is RTS with a turn around time of 7-10 business days to ship out, not including shipping time.  International orders are 7-10 business days to ship after the customer pays their shipping invoice.